An upsetting and sad story, I found Inja to be an ironic story that one would never guess the conclusion to at the beginning of the story. How the dog treated the boy, how man treated the boy, and how the boy treated the man add to the drama and intensity in this film.

I felt bad for the boy because he has done so much work for this man and the man not only takes away his dog, but makes him shoot the dog at the end of the film. The boy didn’t have much growing up and then when he did have something (the dog), the man took it away. Not only did he take it away, he turned the dog against the boy. Although this backfires on the man at the end of the film, it also upsets the boy because he has to shoot the dog.

I don’t think I could have the loyalty the boy had to the man after everything he had put me through. Obviously, the boy didn’t have a choice, but still, the boy’s intentions to help save the man at the end of the film was something I don’t think I would have done.

The film was upsetting, but it had a great story and a really good plot.

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Before Dawn

This movie is very powerful, even without any dialogue or connection to the characters. The desire to leave their country along with the adversity to actually achieving freedom are perfectly depicted in this film.

From the beginning to the end, the audience understands what these people are trying to do; reach another country for freedom. However, it isn’t that easy for these individuals. The similarity between what these people endure and the actual problem is very strong. It is for this reason I found this short film entertaining. The more a film relates to a real issue or struggle somebody or a group of people endure, I appreciate the human element and feel to the film.

I’m not one for arguing politics, but this film would still be entertaining and worth watching even if it wasn’t making a political statement about illegal immigration. The use of one shot and the ability to create action, suspense, a climax, and a unique ending all without dialogue is something worthwhile.

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Christmas in New York

Not the greatest plot, but I found the main character funny and entertaining. If the movie had more substance or was a little longer I think the film would have been much better.

I loved when Henry was walking through the streets of New York and sarcastically points out how crazy the city can be. For instance, he says kids were playing in the street and they cut to two kids stealing a bike. Henry also states how some people were picking out a Christmas tree when in actuality they were burning the tree down. The humor isn’t too creative or thoughtful, but I found it funny nonetheless.

Another ironic part of the movie I enjoyed was how Henry had to chase down Santa Claus because he had stolen a woman’s purse. The idea that Santa would steal from somebody added onto the previously mentioned ideas of just how absurd New York city is in general, including Christmas.

A short and pointless film, but it provided some good laughs.

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Theater of Blood

Not one of the best films we watched, Theater of Blood caught my attention for the fact it was shot at Beaver College (Arcadia University). Besides this little fact and the idea that the characters fight back against the writer, I didn’t find this movie very good or creative.

I will give the maker credit, the concept that the created characters are sick and tired of what the writer is doing to and fight back is very unique and creative. Unfortunately, after the initial retort from the characters towards the writer, there wasn’t too much creativity found in the rest of the film.

If the idea a writer comes up with isn’t too creative, they have to make the movie appealing in some other way to the audience and I feel as though this film didn’t do that. Like I said, I feel the only reason any of us were initially interested in the film was because it was shot at our college. After the first “hey look, it’s Murphy Hall,” most of us lost interest.

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Rundown from Patrick Alexander on Vimeo.

This film was absolutely amazing, possibly my favorite movie all semester. The suspense, the fear for Rachel Davenport, the question of what the breaking news was relating to the hit and run Davenport was involved in, all amazing. The idea and plot of this movie are amazing, but to factor in a college student made it I’m just astonished.

The use of paranoia and suspense in this film are what make this short so great. Patrick Alexander’s use of timing add to the suspense. For example, the cancelling of Davenport’s excitement for becoming the station’s anchor with the fact she just killed a woman in a hit and run.

The idealogy of ying and yang is seen throughout this movie. The aforementioned example is applicable as well as when Davenport is putting on make up for her first anchor show and learns that the lead story is her hit and run. The severity of the balance between fear and excitement increases throughout the film as Davenport fears that the breaking news on the hit and run was going to be that she killed the woman, but the news is the baby’s unborn baby wasn’t dead.

This movie also illustrates the sick fact that some people will do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Davenport had been working hard to earn her anchor spot and now that she had earned it nobody was going to take that away from her, not even a pregnant lady she killed in a hit and run. Her awkward composure and ability to keep sane in moments where any conscious person would admit to the heinous crime depict this idea perfectly.

Hopefully Alexander goes on to make several impressive films similar to this one. The idea truly fascinated me and how he directed the film impressed me. The acting was also great, but I feel as though the plot and concept of the film are the things I enjoyed the most.

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A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.

I thought this film was creative in the sense that the guy is able to find out where the girl is living by looking in the background of the images on her phone. Unfortunately she doesn’t live at the residence any longer, but he sends her a little message of his own at the end of the film.

Like any classic love story, these two seemed interested with each other from the start. However, the story seperates itself from other cliche movies with the guy’s pursuit of meeting the girl again and how the movie ends. Yes, most of the time the guy will try and chase the girl down to see her again, but they aren’t able to use a high-tech camera to locate where the girl my be. This aspect of the movie I liked because it is a creative route I haven’t seen yet in a movie and thought it is pretty realistic. Fortunately for the girl’s sake, the guy isn’t crazy and just wants to meet her.

The ending was another part of the film I enjoyed because I wasn’t really expecting it. One would think the guy’s pursuit of the girl would end when he entered the apartment building and found a guy painting the walls but it wasn’t. You’re left wondering if the girl ever calls him or if she just ignores him. It’s nice to think she calls him back since he went through so much to return her camera.

This film is unique and was one of my favorites from the latter part of the semester.

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Dancing Queen

At first, I thought the film was kind of silly and wouldn’t have a point considering it was shot on a cell phone. At the end of the film, I was pretty depressed by the point the movie had made. What was a girl pretending to have two of her fingers dance on the table actually turned out to be the dreams of a girl who would never experience dancing herself.

When the girl was having her fingers dance across the table, I thought it was creative and cool, but I didn’t think their would be just a deep meaning or conclusion to the film. The switch from thinking this girl was just bored and taped herself playing with her fingers to realizing this girl was handicapped and was upset she would be missing out on such a big part of life happens in such a short time that the viewer’s breath is taken away.

I really enjoyed this film due to the maker’s capabilities with the cell phone. The concept and shots were easy to cover with the phone, but were things that still took talent and skill to create and cover.

Not to nitpick on a great short film produced on a cell phone, but there was one main thing in this film I did not like. The clapping at the end of the video kind of annoyed me. I understand it was supposed to be if she was on stage dancing and performing for a group of people, but the cliche audience clapping sound generated by the cell phone took away from the moment rather than added to it, in my opinion. I’ll state again, this is something very minor to pick out, but I just thought the film would be better without it.

For such a great idea and being on the cutting edge of producing short films, I believe this film deserves a lot more recognition and praise then it is alotted.

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