A sad story about a kid who just wants to go to school, Kavi is a film that is deep and touching because of it’s human element.

Unfortunately for Kavi, he has to work at such an early age and can’t afford to play with his friends. Being a poorer child from a poor country, Kavi has the hard life of doing a lot of physical labor and is unable to play with the kids that he sees around him. This movie is making a statement about how hard life can actually be.

The difference between rich people and poor people, even in the same country sometimes, is so great that it can be hard for a child to deal with their unfortunate situation. Kavi is forced into horrible situations and has to deal with things nobody should have to deal with while other kids get to relax and have a good time. The movie is making a statement as to how fortunate we have it here in America, while some parts of the globe are constantly filled with violence and abuse.

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